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What to expect



Your First Session
For your first session you should arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out the Health History Form.  Park in front.  If the sign says "open" come in and if I am with another client, you can start  filling out the forms which will be on the counter at the front of the room.  Help yourself to  the water cooler, bathroom and reading material or tv, if desired.

I will take a few minutes to find out your health concerns, and your preferences for massage,  before leaving the treatment room and  letting you undress to your comfort level and  get on the table.

There is a "sitting room" with reading material, and a TV/VCR/DVD player, comfortable  seating and a water cooler.  There is also a bathroom with a shower, my treatment  room, and a sauna available to my clients.  Parents may bring age appropriate children  that will sit for video/tv entertainment while they get their massage. 
Clients are also  able to shower before or after work.  (Please let me know if you will need to do that.)  After you have enjoyed the benefits of a sauna, you will want to shower to rinse off  toxins that were released.

You will be covered/draped with linens during your massage, except for the parts I am working on.    If your are getting an orthopedic or injury rehabilitation massage, a sports bra and shorts might  be appropriate attire for you to wear on the table, as there is more movement and stretching based techniques that will be used.

Session Length
The length of the massage session will be whatever you are paying for.  I don't shorten your session  by 10 minutes for you to dress/undress and consult with me about your needs.  I always try to allow 15 minutes or so between clients.  An "hour massage" for $45.00 is not a bargain, if is not an hour.

If you are late for your session, expect that I may have to reduce your time to stay on schedule for  clients following your session.

A half hour session is going to be highly localized, meaning one body part.  In a relaxing hour, a full body massage can be completed.  One and half hour  assages, or longer, are usually required to address more  injury specific areas and get in some generalized bodywork.

During the session communication is the key.  If there is something that is uncomfortable or that you  would prefer, let me know.  I can not read minds.  

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