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This is a good video to get you started on foam rolling...

How to use a foam roller
Ashley Borden's Full-Body Rolling Out Routine

These two stretches are a very important help prevent your back from hunching forward as you age.
Thoracic Extension Chest Stretch
JamesonWolff Fitness Systems )
Hip Flexor Stretch on the Foam Roller

Recommended book:
Pro-Roller Massage Essentials 2nd Ed (8211-2)
by Angela Kneale

The Pro Roller is a good quality foam roller that is not too hard for most people.  It is a medium density roller.
(The blue and green are the same density.)

Some people may have a need for the softer pink foam roller.

Some people do prefer the high density roller. (black & silver.)
The blue and white ones are generally less expensive, not as hard as the black and silver, but not as soft as the pink.



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