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This page provides links to products I use (or have used) and feel are beneficial.

The OMRON scale is a great tool to monitor true fat loss.  They offer a few different models, but the one I have been using since 2009 is the HBF-510W.  It monitors percentage of fat and muscle, as well as your VICERAL fat (which is the worst kind).  When I purchased mine I recorded measurements and then had a hospital DEXA scan (the standard for fat and muscle measurement) and my readings were within a fraction of a percentage from the DEXA scan.  Of course readings vary from day to night, due to dehydration, etc., but it is a very important tool in the journey to be healthy.  It isn't about losing "weight."  It is about losing FAT and preserving or gaining muscle.  Muscle is what powers your metabolism.

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Magnesium Oil
Muscle cramps is one of the few issues magnesium oil can help with.
Using it topically circumvents the digestive tract for optimal absorption.

Magnesium oil benefits about 300 functions of the body from digestion, to sleep, to muscle cramping and function.
It should be applied regulary for benefits, 4-5 sprays twice daily is typical.


Herbal Detox Drops
A simple daily detox formula to help the body.



Buy directly from Swanson Vitamins

Baby Foot is pretty amazing at removing callouses off of feet.  
Soak feet for about an hour prior to using.  It takes about 5 days to start seeing the results, but it does work.

Coconut oil is beneficial for the hair and skin, topically and internally.

Calcium supplement:  This calcium supplement is a quality one.

Cold soluble gelatin:  I recently discovered that gelatin can be beneficial to joints, hair and skin health.
Great Lakes Gelatin  Hydrolized Gelatin is a good choice.

        A Gelatin Primer  (information on benefits of gelatin)

Rescue Sleep Remedy is a homeopathic sleep aide.  Mid-Nite is also a helpful sleep aide.



If you are thinking about a pressure cooker and have seen the Power Pressure Cooker XL,  the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 (or the other models) have gotten better reviews and is rated higher overall.  It has all of the benefits with better features and no toxic teflon coating.

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