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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.
All Massages Are NOT Created Equal.
People in pain looking for a cheap massage often find their experience with regular massage therapy clinics, local franchises, and cheap Groupon deals have been unsuccessful at helping them find relief.  
The massage might have been cheap,
but it ended up being a waste of money. 
Nobody goes to McDonald’s expecting a quality dining experience
because they know how to get to the root of the problem faster. 
The work will be more effective and efficient,
so you will get better results in a shorter amount of time.
If you have a Health Savings Account you can use your HSA Visa / Mastercard to pay for services, or get reimbursed from it.  
My massage services are considered "Manual Therapy" and I can provide a receipt with treatment codes so it should be covered.  
A Doctor/Chiropractor's RX may be required by the HSA provider.

Price List

(Sales Tax included in price)
Prices subject to change without notice.
Length of massage is the same as your session time.
No time is deducted for  consultation and dressing.

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  • Therapeutic Massage Sessions
    Integrated Massage Techniques including Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Orthopedic and Relaxation techniques.

    1/2   hour          $40.00
     1    hour          $80.00
    1.5  hour          $120.00
  • Prices include sales tax.

     1/2 hour  $37.43 + $2.57 =             $40.00
      1 hour    $74.85 + $5.15 =             $80.00
    1.5 hour  $112.28 + $7.72 =           $120.00

  •  When comparing prices keep in mind that $100.00 for a 1.5 hour massage
    that doesn't include sales tax is actually $106.88 with tax, as an example.

    Seniors age 67 up get $5 off listed prices

    Hot Stone Massage ADD  $ 10.00
    Massage done with soothing hot Himalayan salt stones

    to relax and loosen the muscles.  The minerals in the salt benefit the skin and muscles.
"Hot Stone Finish"  add  $5.00
Stones used only on the back.  

This can be the "AAAH"
after a deep tissue / sports massage.

Cupping Therapy 
This beneficial therapy can be integrated into your massage
at no additional charge.

Another benefit included with your massage...
my table is heated with a "state-of-the-art" healing
Amethyst BioMat.

Biomats infuse your body with far infrared rays and negative ions.
The Biomat is a healing pad that heats up, rejuvenating the body and supporting the immune system.
Unlike traditional heating pads which use electric coils that heat the surface of the body, the infrared heat penetrates the tissues and the muscles 6- 8 layers deep.
Energy, relaxation and regeneration are the byproducts.

Save with Packages

    (Best Value:  buy 10 sessions and get one FREE)
Packages are a convenient, affordable way to receive
regular massage therapy sessions.  
One session in the 3 & 5 pack may be gifted
and two sessions in the 10 pack may be gifted.  
Prepaid packages are somewhat like the memberships you may be familiar with at chain clinics, but without the monthly billing and tight restrictions. Packages allow you to save by pre-paying for your massages at a lower rate. The more sessions you buy at once, the more money you save. 
These allow you to purchase multiple sessions all at once which you can book whenever you like.
There’s no contract to sign, no fine print 
and no monthly payment to worry about.

Packages of 3 and 5 must be used within 1 year from purchase date.
Packages of 10 must be used within 18 months from purchase date.
The promotional value of your package does expire.  
Unused sessions will be converted to regular session value and can be applied towards single sessions

Packages are not refundable.
You never lose the value you’ve paid for, even after it expires.
Only a limited number of 10 package sessions are available.

Pregnancy Massage (NO EXTRA CHARGE)
Pregnancy massage is done using special
cushions for your comfort. 

This allows you to lie prone (face down)
during your massage.

Sauna Sessions
A sauna session includes 10-30 minutes in sauna,
shower and "cool down" time.

(Approximately 40-60 minutes total)

This can be repeated for extra therapeutic benefit.
OR.. two people can share a sauna session for the "Double" price.

Single     $15.00
Double    $20.00 (2 x OR 2 people)
Essential Oil Aromatherapy included
Oversized Bath Towels and additional small towels provided 

Please  bring shower shoes or flops (required)
and a robe if desired.

How to Enjoy A Sauna

   Paraffin Dip Treatments

 Scheduled With Massage   
      Hands (15-20 min.)            $10.00        

      Feet   (45-60 min.)             $20.00       
      Hands & Feet (45-60 min.) $25.00       
Scheduled without massage
Hands  (15-20 min.)           $15.00
Feet (45-60 min.)              $30.00
Hands & Feet (45-60 min.) $35.00
Foot treatments include a mineral scrub and soak.


 "Paraffin for a Pair"

Hand and foot paraffin treatments for you and a friend           $50.00    (60-90 minutes)

Medical Massage
This is Orthopedic Massage done with the intent of improving medical conditions or pathologies that have been diagnosed by a Physician.  This massage is only done with a Physician's prescription and referral.  I am able to provide this service to clients that are injured  with Auto Insurance and Worker's Compensation claims upon verification of benefits. 
​The insurance is billed directly.


Sunday appointments: $25 extra
         Onsite appointments:  $35 (or more) travel charge
On-site Massage
One-hour minimum--
Travel Fee charged once per location.
Up to 25 miles from my location:      $35.00 travel/set-up fee
  Each additional 5 miles:      $ 5.00 additional
Hot Stone and Paraffin treatments are not available for on-site sessions.
Sessions are available on a limited basis and must be scheduled in advance.
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